Tips for Underwater Photographers

Shooting underwater is really an art and like all art it can be perfected if you have the passion and perseverance to get the right picture. Underwater life is exquisite with beautiful textures and colors of corals and sea creatures, if you can capture the essence of the deep blue, there is really nothing like it. However, it doesn’t come easy, especially if you are packing a whole lot of gear to keep breathing, you will have to do a good balancing act, and if you are still a beginner this can be scary. We give you some must-know facts and tips for successful underwater shooting.

If you already have a digital camera, one of the first things to do is to find out if your camera can get a waterproof case to go underwater shooting. You can check out waterproof cases from camera manufacturers. You will find most often than not, a case exclusively made just for your camera. If it is available make an investment to buy one. Alternatively, universal waterproof soft cases are the next option.

Waterproof soft cases or bags are a sound purchase if you intend to go underwater for snorkeling, swimming in a lake or a pool. Your regular digital cameras do not allow for pictures to be taken at a pressure greater than that which is below 10 meters, so if you plan to take pictures of depth of less than 10 meters waterproof soft case is one of the surest investments you will make. Also look for waterproof soft cases with a high transparency lens filter will allow clearer underwater pictures.

Waterproof hard cases are an excellent option for using your camera in normal conditions as well in water. Also it saves you from buying a camera for land and one for water, especially if you do participate in underwater diving much.

Waterproof cases are also an excellent buy for conditions other than underwater shooting too. You can used your camera in rain as well as during hardcore water sports as well. When underwater if you set the aperture to priority mode you will be able to take pictures the way you hoped to in the first place.

Moreover, if you set your camera to wide angle lens you will be have a closer focus on your subject while blurring the background. This is an excellent option to make use of especially if you are bewitched by colorful reefs and beautiful corals.

If you are close to the surface take the picture so that you are facing towards the sunlight. This way the picture will be exquisitely clear and shockingly gorgeous.

If you are snorkeling and therefore not very deep in the water you can always use a custom white-balance instead of a store.

Last but not the least, if you are a beginner to underwater diving and shooting you should choose snorkeling as your sport so that you can first practice shooting with an easier method of underwater diving. Moreover, snorkeling captures the best of sea world. Snorkeling is done among coral reefs that are not too deep, and since coral reefs have some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet you can capture all the beautiful colors and combinations that the reefs offer.