The Wonderful Digital Camera

A device that makes video recordings and takes photographs with the help of a light sensor is called a digital camera. There are certain cameras equipped to take only still photographs, can also record moving pictures as well as sound. The digital camera is steadily gaining popularity over the other cameras available.

The advantages of the digital camera are many. The images taken can be seen immediately after it is recorded. The memory storing capacity is also amazing. Even erasing or editing is simple task in these cameras. The multiple functions of this camera, is the reason for its wide ranging usage. It is used in cell phone s as well as in the astronomical instruments to obtain perfect pictures.

The original concept of the digital camera in its rudimentary form was conceived by Eugene Lany, a scientist working on jet propulsion projects. He had clearly elucidated he process by which still photos could be taken with the help of a light sensor. This was conceived much before the images were digitized on scanners. The main reason for making the devise was to keep the astronauts informed about their navigation during the trips to space. Various photographs of the planets and the other celestial bodies were sent by them.

Fuji DS1P was the first digital camera to be used in 1988, which had a memory of sixteen megabytes. In 1990, the first ever commercial digital camera was sold in the market. It could record and store videos and also could be linked to the computer for downloading purposes. It was named the Logitech fotoman.

The capacity of a digital camera depends on the sensor. There are various types of sensors like the CCD, CMOS which come in the shape of chips. The job of the sensor is to change light into indicators. The old use of the film in the cameras, have been displaced by the sensors. This vital part called the sensor has numerous buckets which keep a count over the photons touching the sensor. The image has a corresponding reading of its value. When the image is stronger, the greater is the reading of its value.

The capturing of the images in the digital is determined by the hardware build. There are three distinct ways of recording video. The single shot method refers to the system that captures images depending on how many times the sensor has been subjected to the light. Usually, in the first method, only a single CCD is used along with a filter called Bayer. Sometimes the sensors are used, three in number.

The next method also known as the multi shot method, is so named because of the sensor is subjected to light beams entering through more than one opening in the lens. There are again several ways of using this method. Scanning is the third method. It functions using only one track of sensors. At times the digital camera is also rotated to do the scanning. The method to be used is determined by the object.

There are different types of digital cameras today. With a whole lot of facilities they are being improved steadily to serve more purposes. The customer satisfaction comes from the wide ranging benefits reaped by using the digital camera. The blue tooth is a remarkable gadget that helps transfer of data, songs and images from the computer to the phone or the other way round.

This also helps one to transfer desired material from one camera to another phone too. Downloading songs and video images have now become pretty simple. The editing facility among others in the digital camera and its picture clarity makes it popular in the world today.